Chavakkad is a Municipality with an area of 12.41 National Highway 17, passes through the town. Chavakkad has a Municipal bus standand and the nearest railway station is at Guruvayur.It is an important trading centre for copra, coir and fish. The major source of income is from gulf. Kajah Beedi,and Rajah Motors has its headquarters in Chavakkad. The Kaja Beedi Company was started in the year 1948 by Hajee Abdul Khader. Rajah Motors produced the first multi-purpose vehicle in India.There is a story popular amoung the local people about the nearby Palayur church, where Saint Thomas is believed to have landed. According to this story, the Apostle arrived there and found several Brahmins are bathing in a tank and throwing up handfuls of water as an offering to their god.The Apostle performed a magic and kept the water in the air,Some how he managed to convert some Brahmins to Christianity. Due to this other Hindus left the place. They cursed and called the land "Shapa kkad"(the cursed land) ."The name "Chavakkad" came from it. It is also known as "Mini-Gulf" because of the sizeable NRI population .Chavakkad Beach is counted amongst Kerala's most popular beaches.
Guruvayur is very close to Chavakkad and is another municipal town in Thrissur District. It is famous for the Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple.According to the legends the temple is about 5,000 years old . It was Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri's "Narayaniyam" through which the Guruvayur temple got famous all over India. Punnathurkotta was once the palace of a local ruler, but the palace grounds are now used to house the elephants belonging to the Guruvayoor temple, and has been renamed Anakkotta-meaning the fort of the elephants. It is also used to train the elephants and Mahouts.

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കടപ്പുറം ജി .വി . എച് .എസ് എസ് ല്‍ നടക്കുന്ന 2012-13ലെ ചാവക്കാട് ഉപജില്ല കലാമേളയുടെ ലോഗോ പ്രകാശനം ജില്ലാ പഞ്ചായത്ത്‌ വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ സ്റ്റാന്‍ഡിംഗ് കമ്മറ്റി ചെയര്‍മാന്‍ ശ്രീ .ഷാഹു ഹാജി നിര്‍വഹിക്കുന്നു

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The annual day function of the Chavakkad local association of Bharath scouts and guides Inauguration

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